Office Security System


Advanced Local Alarm System is designed for security management, access control and facility management of a large-scale building. The Host server P/C can monitor up to 512 security blocks and 2,560 sensors, and it can control the building facilities on schedule and support a security guard for patrolling and managing keys.

System Configuration


  • ■Security Monitoring and Access Control

    Advanced Local Alarm System can provide security management and access control functions in an integrated fashion via Host P/C. The various building facilities, such as elevator, lighting and air-conditioner can be controlled with arming and/or disarming operation of the security system to save energy automatically.

  • ■System Component

    The general-purpose devices can be used for a system component. If it will malfunction, you can replace it promptly and minimize the troubles. 

  • ■Client P/C

    The Host P/C can be connected with up to 4 Client P/C. Alarm monitoring and ID card registration can be done independently via any client P/C. The operator’s accessibility can be set and protect critical data.